OK, everyone. Or anyone.

There was a time, once upon a time, when this little place was lotsa fun.

Then, as we became so polarized, the haughty "conservatives" took over.

The right wing lean was so strong, so heavy, so lopsided, so ignorant of reality, everything collapsed.

Now we are living in the most interesting time, where the GOP is destroying itself.

We are gonna elect a woman president. Obama has had 7 years of success after success.

The bluster and confidence of the "conservatives" has turned to quiet despair.

I tune in here because I have a TPa tab, it's always there, reminding me.

And I almost posted a thread elsewhere, titled "TPa Toast" LOL.

But, there's been a resurrection. Or someone hooked up the AED paddles and shocked the place back to life.

So to [you], GFYS. We got this. You "conservatives" are toast. Good riddance.

Here's to the New Year. When the Progressives step up and nail you assholes. You know who you are.

Too mean? Look at your sigs. Look what you post. Look inside yourself.

Trump! Cruz! Fucking embarrassing. Losers. Rubio, Jeb, Carson. Even you know they're losers.