Raise up a Pimm's Cup while microwaving a week-old mince pie, because we may have found the most quintessentially British story of 2016.
As reported by multiple publications in the U.K., Ed Sheeran was reportedly on the receiving end of a rather interesting injury at a recent Royal Lodge in Windsor party with friends.
Sometime during the party, attendee James Blunt — you know, the "You're Beautiful" crooner— asked the homeowner's daughter, Princess Beatrice of York, to be fake-knighted with an authentic ceremonial sword.
The princess obliged Blunt's silly request, and when she lifted the sword to place it on his shoulder, she accidentally swung the sword back so forcefully that the blade sliced through Sheeran's cheek.
The cut was severe enough to warrant medical attention, and Sheeran was treated at a nearby hospital before later returning to the party.

Moral of the story... don't ask to be knighted.. I am sure you all can come up with a better moral!